| 2017 | 12 | 01 | november empties review |

| now solutions | sweet almond oil | 473ml [£15.99, Amazon]
This is one of my favourite purchases ever. Think skincare holy grail it basically solves everything in one fell swoop. You're welcome. 

The Body Shop | Body Butter | 200ml | [£15.00, The Body Shop]
I've reviewed this before and I'm sorry but I'm just not that into you.

4711 | Body Spray | 100ml [£2.93, Amazon]
just. no. I love 4711 as a smell but given it lasts less than 4 seconds and this is an aerosol. no.

Revlon | Nail Enamel | [£6.49, Superdrug]
mmm. no. 

The Body Shop | Warming Mineral Mask | 100ml [£11.00, The Body Shop]
There was a point in my life where this mask was what I considered a hero amongst products. The lowly mineral mask fixed all my problems and made me feel... epic. Sometimes I hit my head on my desk so hard it bruises. 

nip + fab | Plumping Mask | 50ml [£14.95, nip+fab]
I like it. But not enough I wanna put a ring on it. 

No7 | Lift & Luminate Day Cream | 50ml [£25.00, Boots]
Ye.... no. This did not compute. 


so from all that I will be repurchasing.... the sweet almond oil. 



One more month this year.