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Bite me. All of you. 

What a week.

I mean it.

this was me on wednesday. I was going to hit things with a bit of sass. 

Can we just though, take a moment to talk about what happened on Thursday. Because I don't actually remember it so we can all start at 8am together. From what I can gather, I knocked myself out on my dads wardrobe and took myself happily off to work. From there I was sent home and babysat by my sister.

The entire day is a write off.

Friday was equally interesting given my inability to remember a lot and feeling slightly sick all day.


my power pose. 

Alex always looks too happy in the gym. 

It is now time to start listening to some gently christmassy songs. Nothing too in your face, but a little bit of twinkle never hurt anyone. 

Yes I have been listening to frozen on repeat. 

they're lemons. 
My work distribution today involved forcing people to read at least three new wikipedia articles they weren't familiar with. 
this one actually made me laugh for a long time. I was definitely still post concussion delirious. 

Calm yourselves. You've got this.