| 2017 | 11 | 30 | november empties |

| now solutions | sweet almond oil | 473ml [£15.99, Amazon]
The Body Shop | Body Butter | 200ml | [£15.00, The Body Shop]
4711 | Body Spray | 100ml [£2.93, Amazon]
Revlon | Nail Enamel | [£6.49, Superdrug]
The Body Shop | Warming Mineral Mask | 100ml [£11.00, The Body Shop]
nip + fab | Plumping Mask | 50ml [£14.95, nip+fab]
No7 | Lift & Luminate Day Cream | 50ml [£25.00, Boots]


| empties | 2017 | 08 | £103.39

| empties | 2017 | 09 | £211.66
| empties | 2017 | 10 | £241.84
| empties | 2017 | 11 | £91.36



One more month this year.


| 2017 | 11 | 26 | bumpy |

Bite me. All of you. 

What a week.

I mean it.

this was me on wednesday. I was going to hit things with a bit of sass. 

Can we just though, take a moment to talk about what happened on Thursday. Because I don't actually remember it so we can all start at 8am together. From what I can gather, I knocked myself out on my dads wardrobe and took myself happily off to work. From there I was sent home and babysat by my sister.

The entire day is a write off.

Friday was equally interesting given my inability to remember a lot and feeling slightly sick all day.


my power pose. 

Alex always looks too happy in the gym. 

It is now time to start listening to some gently christmassy songs. Nothing too in your face, but a little bit of twinkle never hurt anyone. 

Yes I have been listening to frozen on repeat. 

they're lemons. 
My work distribution today involved forcing people to read at least three new wikipedia articles they weren't familiar with. 
this one actually made me laugh for a long time. I was definitely still post concussion delirious. 

Calm yourselves. You've got this. 


| 2017 | 11 | 01 | october empties review |

John Frieda | Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray | 25ml [£1.99, Boots]
I love this. So much. However.... I can also recognise that I don't need it. I've been reading about mixing salt, lemon juice and water.

Aussie | Beach Mate Conditioner | 400ml [£5.99, Superdrug]
[same as last month 'Oh how I want to love this. Honestly, everyone raves about the Aussie stuff but I could not abide by the smell and it just wasn't particularly nourishing. My hair gets more from river water than this stuff. ']


Calvin Klein | 2 | 100ml [£53, House of Fraser]
In a sad way, I don't really remember using this. It made little to no impact and honestly I couldn't say I'd recognise it on anyone. Don't.

Body Shop | Hemp Hand Cream | 30ml [£5, The Body Shop]
Apologetically scathing. No actually I'm not sorry. It's just not that great. 



Simple | Kind to skin cleansing face wipes | 25 [£3.29, Boots]
No. They're just face wipes and not even particularly special ones. If you're  going to buy something to remove your makeup, at least make sure it's actually doing the job.

Nip + Fab | Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme | 60 [£14.95, Boots]
I'm so torn by these acidic pads. I feel like they're making a difference, but then when I don't use them there's nothing too drastic. 

No7 | Lift & Luminate Night Cream | 50ml [£25.00, Boots]

Tisserand | Jojoba Oil | 100ml [£8.50, Amazon]
Jojoba oil (I believe it would be the same no matter the brand...) works so well with my skin.

Body Shop | All In One BB Cream | 25ml [£12.00, The Body Shop]
I don't mean to sound so dismissive of all of these products, but honestly there's a huge level of underwhelm going on.

Indeed Labs | Hydraluron | 30ml [£24.99, Boots]
This is more of a winner for me. It did clear up a lot of dryness on my forehead and is so quick to absorb.

No7 | Protect & Perfect Night Cream | 50ml [£25.00, Boots]
I really don't like No7 products. I'm not sure if it's the amount of fragrance, or the thickness but I just did not get on with this.

Rimmel | Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation | 30ml [£6.49, Boots]
No. No no no. This is horrible. It's too drying and makes my skin look awful.

La Roche Posay | Hydraphase Intense UV Riche | 50ml [£17.00, Boots]
I love love love La Roche Posay. 

Maybelline | Baby Skin Cool Rose | 22ml [£7.99, Boots]
This was a repurchase, so does have my endorsement. It's really nice to use something that's lightweight and makes a difference to the appearance of your skin. Unfortunately, it's just not packaged responsibly. 

Roger & Gallet | Huille Sublime | 100ml [£21.65, Escentual]
So I did enjoy this product, but have honestly had more luck with a fairly cheap bottle of sweet almond oil (or even try jojoba oil!). 

Treat | Marshmallow Cream Lip Balm | 14g [£9.00, Amazon]
This is something I would repurchase if it wasn't packaged in plastic and shipped halfway across the world.
Honestly. It's the best balm I've found and the tube looks like a glue stick.



running total::
| empties | 2017 | 08 | £103.39
| empties | 2017 | 19 | £211.66
| empties | 2017 | 10 | £241.84


so to clarify, these aren't products I've bought this year, just those that I've used up. I am quite honestly in shock I have that value of products just lying around however. I'm also saddened by how disappointed I am in most of these items. 

 when did you last go through whatever was in your cupboard?

I think next month will be quite a small one in terms of empties (I hope!) as I've started a lot of new things.