| 2017 | 10 | 01 | september empties review |

Pro:voke | touch of silver shampoo | 200ml [£3.19, Boots]
Similarly to the conditioner, I love this stuff. It definitely changes the tone of your hair to much cooler and gives the desired grey tones. Be careful with it though. 

Richard Ward | Sleekening cream | 100ml [£16, uhhh I literally can't find it anywhere]
No. no no. incorrect. Did not enjoy. Anything that says 'sleekening' should be avoided. 

Aussie | Beach Mate Conditioner | 400ml [£5.99, Superdrug]
Oh how I want to love this. Honestly, everyone raves about the Aussie stuff but I could not abide by the smell and it just wasn't particularly nourishing. My hair gets more from river water than this stuff. 

Babyliss | Paddle Hair Brush | [£10, yup. gone from the interweb]
mmm. hairbrush. 


Original Source | shower gel | 250ml  [£2.00, again non-existent but I'm going to guess]
What more can I say? Shower gel. It's liquid soap. 

The Body Shop | Pinita Colada Body Scrub | 250ml [£15.00, The Body Shop]
The Body Shop scrubs always smell amazing but do nothing. Nada. Zilch. Waste of £15 (and or 30 chicken nuggets. depends which currency you use).

DKNY | be delicious | 30ml [£38.00, Boots] at least I hope it was the 30ml...
If you know me then you know this is my smell, and you know that I will drink it til I die. 


nivea | lip butter | raspberry | [£2.09, Boots]
nivea | lip butter | cocoa butter kiss | [£2.09, Boots]

Clarins | Instant light lip oil | 7ml [£19, Boots]
Oh my gosh yes. Correct. This stuff. Oh this product is the lifesaver you didn't know you needed, wanted or could afford. I mean the price point. Ooft. But if you have a spare £19 lying around specifically for a lip oil then here you go. You are welcome. 

Stridex | [£5, Amazon, another one I can't find]
Want salicylic acid which is stronger than the sun? Here. This.

L'Oreal | Pure Clay Foam Wash | 150ml [£5.99, Boots] 

Bourjois | Sweet Kiss Lipstick Rose Folk | [£7, sorry. Another that I think has gone]
La Roche-Posay | Effaclar BB Blur | 30ml [£12.38, La Roche-Posay]
Witch hazel | [£7.95, Amazon]
La Roche-Posay | Toleriane Riche | 40ml [£16.00, La Roche-Posay]
Rimmel | Fix and Perfect Pro Primer | 30ml [£6.99, Amazon]
Barry M | Brow Pen | [£4.99, Amazon]
Bobbi Brown | Full Coverage Face Brush | [£32.00, Bobbi Brown]


Total..... £211.66


just. speechless.