| 2017 | 09 | 30 | september empties |

And I thought last month was a lot. 

I've clearly had a fair amount of half used items dotted around. 

Pro:voke | touch of silver shampoo | 200ml [£3.19, Boots]
Richard Ward | Sleekening cream | 100ml [£16, uhhh I literally can't find it anywhere]
Aussie | Beach Mate Conditioner | 400ml [£5.99, Superdrug]
Babyliss | Paddle Hair Brush | [£10, yup. gone from the interweb]


Original Source | shower gel | 250ml  [£2.00, again non-existent but I'm going to guess]
The Body Shop | Pinita Colada Body Scrub | 250ml [£15.00, The Body Shop]
DKNY | be delicious | 30ml [£38.00, Boots] at least I hope it was the 30ml...


nivea | lip butter | raspberry | [£2.09, Boots]
nivea | lip butter | cocoa butter kiss | [£2.09, Boots]
clarins | Instant light lip oil | 7ml [£19, Boots]
Stridex | [£5, Amazon, another one I can't find]
L'Oreal | Pure Clay Foam Wash | 150ml [£5.99, Boots] 
Bourjois | Sweet Kiss Lipstick Rose Folk | [£7, sorry. Another that I think has gone]
La Roche-Posay | Effaclar BB Blur | 30ml [£12.38, La Roche-Posay]
Witch hazel | [£7.95, Amazon]
La Roche-Posay | Toleriane Riche | 40ml [£16.00, La Roche-Posay]
Rimmel | Fix and Perfect Pro Primer | 30ml [£6.99, Amazon]
Barry M | Brow Pen | [£4.99, Amazon]
Bobbi Brown | Full Coverage Face Brush | [£32.00, Bobbi Brown]


Total..... £211.66



| 2017 | 02 | 12 | training camp day 2 |

No pictures cause no real internet. It's rather annoying.

I think it's going to be one of those days.

People are annoying too.


All my old posts are back up, btw. It's all been sorted.

Okay so quick updates.

I have successfully completed my first proper session out here. It was just incredible.

The water is warmer, the scenery beautiful and everyone is in the best of moods. We're here. We're actually getting on with it.

30 on 30 off x 7 x 5 is quite tough.

Me and my main man eddie did it.

Today was the first time I took off a top and buoyancy aid on the water
I paddled backwards. On both sides.


My only other experience of tidal paddling is cornwall. I loved it so much there I'm pleased to be doing it again in a completely different location.

These water feels different here. I kind of like it.

I never thought I'd say I prefer something to the Thames. But really I do already. The tide was out today and it's just breathtaking how every session will look different.

I essentially paddled along today with a huge grin on my face.


We're a little low on hot water, but we'll manage.

Life goes on and we're here to train not have a holiday.


Day is done.

And what a day.

Completed the 5ks. It was incredible out there. Just.

Another first - wore a spray deck for the entire session. I think I'm over it now.

Had a lovely skype call with charlie to end the day after a rigorous stretching session.  (BUT ALSO OOPS made a big boo boo guys. Still cringeing. Eeek)


| 2017 | 09 | 01 | august empties review |

John Frieda | sheer blonde go blonder shampoo | 500ml [£9.99, Boots]
Claiming to lighten hair without drying it out - it kind of did the opposite. 
Bleached hair is really difficult on a good day, but when a product completely strips the moisture out of it and leaves you with straw then you have to work twice as hard to get the moisture back in. 
Having had blonde hair now for over ten years I would consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to maintenance products - and this is not one of the ones I would reach for again. 

Would not recommend. 

Pro:voke | touch of silver conditioner | 200ml [£2.19, Boots]
In contrast with the above, I love the Pro:voke range. Genuinely. 
The purple pigment is strong enough that you run a risk of slightly grey hair - which for me is ideal. It completely strips the brassiness from your locks and doesn't take out too much moisture. 

Would recommend. 

Superdrug | Pick & Mix Rose [£3.29, Superdrug]
I'm loathe to say I liked this because semi permanent hair colour is something I'm not too bothered about. It's there and then it's not. 
In all honesty I would stick to buying something far more pigmented and dilute it in your conditioner. That way you'll get a better quality colour. 

Eesh. No. Would not recommend. 


Rimmel | BB Cream Matte [£6.99, Boots]
I was not blown away by this. It's cheap face gunk that's probably doing more harm than good. 

Nah. Would not recommend. 

Maybelline | Baby Skin Primer [£7.99, Boots]
I'm only going to recommend this primer because of the way it actually improves the facial region.

Would recommend. 

Wunderbow | Brow Gel [£19.95, Boots]
Yep. You need this. 

Would recommend. 
Maybelline | Lash-sensational Mascara [£8.99, Boots]
Best mascara I own. 
Lasts forever too. 

Eye of Horus | Goddess Mascara [£16.50, Beauty Bay]
Not going into it. Just don't bother. 


Colgate | Max White One [£4.00, Boots]

Cleans teeth.

I would recommend using toothpaste. 

The Body Shop | Hemp Face Protector [£8.50, The Body Shop]
Body shop, no. This was not what I had hoped it would be. 
I'm disappointed in myself for falling for their marketing, and looking at the ingredients who knows what I was on when I purchased said product. Ew. You'd be better off with olive oil. Hah.


The Body Shop | Shea Body Butter | 400ml [£15.00, The Body Shop*]
These are such cult products. So many people rave about them. But why? Probably because they're jumping on the band wagon. Or because they don't know what good moisturiser feels like on their skin. The Body Shop has definitely lost a lot of my respect. I'm sorry.

Either way, I'm doing it. I'm going to say please don't buy this. Even Palmer's cocoa body butter is significantly better. 

Would not recommend.