| 2019 | 08 | 31 | august empties |

So here I am again, back to collecting my rubbish...

I wrote this post a long time ago (it feels like longer) when my focus was very different. 


John Frieda | sheer blonde go blonder shampoo | 500ml [£9.99, Boots]
Pro:voke | touch of silver conditioner | 200ml [£2.19, Boots]
Superdrug | Pick & Mix Rose [£3.29, Superdrug]


Rimmel | BB Cream Matte [£6.99, Boots]
Maybelline | Baby Skin Primer [£7.99, Boots]
Wunderbow | Brow Gel [£19.95, Boots]
Maybelline | Lash-sensational Mascara [£8.99, Boots]
Eye of Horus | Goddess Mascara [£16.50, Beauty Bay]


Colgate | Max White One [£4.00, Boots]
The Body Shop | Hemp Face Protector [£8.50, The Body Shop]
The Body Shop | Shea Body Butter | 400ml [£15.00, The Body Shop*]


*This is for a 200ml tub as they don't seem to do the 400ml anymore. 



As in.

I used up over £100 of products this month and didn't really clock it. Thankfully, none of these need replacing (I either didn't like them, don't use them, or have alternatives) and if I could go back and not buy them in the first place I would. 

I would only recommend two of those (the Pro:voke conditioner and the Wunderbrow Eyebrow gel) but otherwise, none of them were worth the spend. 

This has been eye opening...



| 2017 | 08 | 02 | plank |

This is my sigh sheet. 

I was allocated 169 sighs (given my propensity for an exhale in all situations). I'm at the 100 to go mark. 

It's getting tense. 

- - - 

Birthday was good.

I made myself some goals over the coming year

- save £10,000. I know. That's a big ask given my financial management but I'm determined. 
- focus. I need to establish a routine and get back on track 
- - -

I have no voice at the moment following a loud shouty game. It was magical. 

I had my hair dyed even blonder. I'm not sure where I'll stop. 

This weekend was also overshadowed by the national championships. 

My lot did quite well actually. 

Little bit proud.