| 2017 | 07 | 03 | stripey |

Today was a monday. 

you know how i feel about mondays. 

Rachel's not too good with chairs. 

She's a learning. My first reaction wasn't to check if she was okay, but to leap over my desk, run next to her and yell 'It's okay guys, I took a picture'.

when asked to look like we're having fun.

'Who's rocks are these?'

We all look over to Chris. He normally collects rocks. 

'No. Not mine. I've got mine here'

Opens all the drawers in his desk, filled with an assortment of gravel and stones.

I had a lunch date which kind of turned into walking 500 miles and eating too much food. 

Oh, and acquiring a toy pig. Who is terrifying and has already given me nightmares.