| 2017 | 07 | 02 | week 26 | wel well welll |


Monday was buttons, and this particular project took a lot longer than anticipated. 


I had my hair did on tuesday ready for a  night out in marlow.

we had funs. 


I wrote a little bit about wednesday on wednesday. 


This child is incredibly small and i don't know what you're meant to do. 

So I just kind of pointed at things and we knew a squirrel was nearby just not where, just that it was there. 


this is one of my favourite places to go and sit, watching the world go by. 

I'm having to find new adventurers, who aren't quite as good at it as I would have liked. But improvements will happen. Slowly.


I went to regatta during the day and then got called into to work that night. 

I have so much love for my work family. 

The boys spend the entire time making fun of me, how short I am and how few drinks I can actually make. they normally have one ear open to my orders and will hand me the things I need, or open bottles (I think the best one was when all three of them handed me the various components of a cocktail, unprompted, and then it was shaken for me anyway). 



I've made a lot of mistakes this year. 

And. I'm sorry. 

next weekend is one year. 

how things change. 

I will never forget.