| 2016 | 07 | 24 | week 30 |



this week was so hot. too hot. 

In reverse.

[[rise up - Thomas Jack]]

what a weird day. I woke up early for day two of the Nationals (I'm not going to clarify because it's totally a case of if you know, you know), and headed over to Reading. Actually before that I went for a run but my leggings are determined to fall down so it had to be cut it short - another run-but-not-run because I'm a mess.

We arrived in Reading (after a brief detour via Bracknell. I know). We prepped ourselves for the day ahead. For me that meant getting my camera out of the car and taking a seat, but for those actively participating I'm sure it meant something completely different. Wouldn't know, don't qualify as a real paddler. 

Myself and Connor then took part in the mixed K2 race, and he was adament that we had to have fun.

I wasn't so sure.

I also really struggled to exit the boat. On both occasions.

The first portage went surprisingly well, a slight mix up between my legs was all that stood in my way and we made it back into the boat with very few problems. The second portage, the one I should have been okay at (it was onto a landing stage so..) went very much wrong. As in. Yes. Correct.

I think it was mainly my fault too, but Connor said he enjoyed it.

This photo.


I woke up super early in a panic that I had managed to oversleep and miss my alarm. However I was still ready when I needed to be. people should learn to underestimate me less. 

The day I spent in Reading (as above but obviously this is Saturday) and the evening was a BBQ at a friends house. That was a very enlightening experience. 

the middle.
I've been super busy recently and actually need to start gymming again. 


work, eat, sleep, train, repeat. 

Was hot. As in 30 degrees plus. Past experience has taught me that I do not agree with that, and the time trial proved to be the limit of my physical ability. We crossed the line and I saw black spots.  Trevor picked up that I was about to go and we were very quickly out of the boat. I know that my most recent ECG and tests showed that all was fine, but it's still frustrating. ugh.

my legs don't look this good. this isn't my leg. 

cheeky bit of yoga. love me some stretching.

I can't wait for next month.

Also Asda is determined to interrupt my regular splorin' activities. I don't know what to do with my life.