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I stole this off a tv show. Judge me. 

'What is the most common owl?'


Teat.... owl


So today was meant to be an anniversary of sorts, so I took a day holiday in an attempt to surprise. Instead I shall take an impromptu trip. It's gonna be sunny!

- - - 

Yesterday it was hot. 

And sunny. 

I had a lovely lunchbreak in the sun with Rach, we were planning our summers and being harassed by a six year old. What more could you want?

- - -

Dinner and training were lovely. 

We cooked a curry and watched a random marvel programme - which by the way, didn't get my any closer to understanding any of it. 

A bit later, a received a phone call from an old friend who was passing through - one of the last chances to see him before he heads off to ARIZONA to train to be a pilot.

An opportunity I could not miss. 

candy floss sky

Without stating the obvious. Horses are big.