| 2017 | 06 | 13 | walk the dog |

last year. june 11

I was meant to be racing this morning. I was kind of looking forward to my second attempt in k1.

However, I decided against for a number of reasons and got cracking with cleaning the house. Wild. I know.

But at least now it's shiny. 


I was invited on a spontaneous walk (kind of prompted by me saying 'this is my favourite day out ever') following a number of snapchats of me lying on the floor in a sulk. 

Naturally, the adventure was sponsored by candy floss. 

Probably too much sugar. 

I love this bit of the thames.

I used to walk this way a lot, but it's been far too long. I love the way it changes across the 8 miles. 

My favourite view for some reason. 

It's not even that great, I just love the bridge. I could sit on it for hours. 

Around 4 miles later we stumbled across a tree. 

I had to sit in said tree. 

It wasn't ideal. 

Those are genuine looks of fear. 

I couldn't get back out. 

We found another human to join us for scones and tea.

I dropped mine. 

This stick made it as far as a small stream. 

I threw it in there. 

Then decided I wanted it back .

So it had to be retrieved. 

Not by me, I'm a princess.

It was time to say goodbye. 

she was not okay. I tried to help.  Too short for the wall though

Make the most of every day. 

Even if it starts badly. 

You turn that frown into an upside down frown.