| 2017 | 06 | 12 | the ivy mate |

My boss calls me 'colour girl'.

Because of the colours.

I think he thinks I live in my own little world.

that may well be.

This was the moment he received a call to say his pregnant lady had had a contraction. 

That's the moment everything changes. 

Isn't that so exciting?

those moments. 


 - - -

I have so many exciting things planned this week. 

Mostly, a spontaneous trip to the seaside. 


I am going to the seaside. 

And I shan't be taking you. 

Also this was bang bang chicken. 

I am in love. 

Feel free to take me back.

I have a new skirt that I'm undecided if it's grandma-esque or not. So we can try that out.