| 2017 | 06 | 10 | tables |

with this election, I'm clueless who the russians were hacking for.

Squirrels are busy. 

There's nothing like the 4am chip run. 

Earnt, after a night of serving drunk people. 

We'd had too many shots though. 

Got a bit wobbly.

Can't drive when wobbly. 

I had a lunch date, which actually ended up being a sort of dinner date. 

We sat in the park and set things straight. 

It was a bit surreal though. 

A man was playing golf 

He definitely left with a different dog than the one he arrived with. 

I was also adamant I knew two men sitting on a bench. Except, I couldn't see them and it turns out they were complete strangers. 

- - -

How cute is this photo?

It's my club. 

Everyone is family.