| 2017 | 06 | 16 | days |

Today started as any exciting day would and should, before moving on to something quite magical. 

I'm re-writing history you see, as if it never happened. 

I then met mike for lunch. 

It started as many days with mike always have, with us devising a plan we were never going to stick to. 

At all.

Filling up my car with petrol was bad enough. 

Photographer in tow, I took the lead. 

Bolting only twice. 

I did that when out with an old friend in a crowded place once.

We don't talk anymore. 

We climbed a tree. 

Mike convinced me that we should climb a tree. 

You'll see me here, clinging on for all of my life. 

- - -

She raised her hands to the sky.

She had nothing more to give.

For in that moment, she had run out. 

She had no more fucks left. 

 - - -

I have such a long day planned tomorrow. 

Can't wait <3


| 2017 | 06 | 15 | wow. time passes |

I stole this off a tv show. Judge me. 

'What is the most common owl?'


Teat.... owl


So today was meant to be an anniversary of sorts, so I took a day holiday in an attempt to surprise. Instead I shall take an impromptu trip. It's gonna be sunny!

- - - 

Yesterday it was hot. 

And sunny. 

I had a lovely lunchbreak in the sun with Rach, we were planning our summers and being harassed by a six year old. What more could you want?

- - -

Dinner and training were lovely. 

We cooked a curry and watched a random marvel programme - which by the way, didn't get my any closer to understanding any of it. 

A bit later, a received a phone call from an old friend who was passing through - one of the last chances to see him before he heads off to ARIZONA to train to be a pilot.

An opportunity I could not miss. 

candy floss sky

Without stating the obvious. Horses are big. 


| 2017 | 06 | 13 | walk the dog |

last year. june 11

I was meant to be racing this morning. I was kind of looking forward to my second attempt in k1.

However, I decided against for a number of reasons and got cracking with cleaning the house. Wild. I know.

But at least now it's shiny. 


I was invited on a spontaneous walk (kind of prompted by me saying 'this is my favourite day out ever') following a number of snapchats of me lying on the floor in a sulk. 

Naturally, the adventure was sponsored by candy floss. 

Probably too much sugar. 

I love this bit of the thames.

I used to walk this way a lot, but it's been far too long. I love the way it changes across the 8 miles. 

My favourite view for some reason. 

It's not even that great, I just love the bridge. I could sit on it for hours. 

Around 4 miles later we stumbled across a tree. 

I had to sit in said tree. 

It wasn't ideal. 

Those are genuine looks of fear. 

I couldn't get back out. 

We found another human to join us for scones and tea.

I dropped mine. 

This stick made it as far as a small stream. 

I threw it in there. 

Then decided I wanted it back .

So it had to be retrieved. 

Not by me, I'm a princess.

It was time to say goodbye. 

she was not okay. I tried to help.  Too short for the wall though

Make the most of every day. 

Even if it starts badly. 

You turn that frown into an upside down frown. 


| 2017 | 06 | 12 | the ivy mate |

My boss calls me 'colour girl'.

Because of the colours.

I think he thinks I live in my own little world.

that may well be.

This was the moment he received a call to say his pregnant lady had had a contraction. 

That's the moment everything changes. 

Isn't that so exciting?

those moments. 


 - - -

I have so many exciting things planned this week. 

Mostly, a spontaneous trip to the seaside. 


I am going to the seaside. 

And I shan't be taking you. 

Also this was bang bang chicken. 

I am in love. 

Feel free to take me back.

I have a new skirt that I'm undecided if it's grandma-esque or not. So we can try that out.


| 2017 | 06 | 10 | tables |

with this election, I'm clueless who the russians were hacking for.

Squirrels are busy. 

There's nothing like the 4am chip run. 

Earnt, after a night of serving drunk people. 

We'd had too many shots though. 

Got a bit wobbly.

Can't drive when wobbly. 

I had a lunch date, which actually ended up being a sort of dinner date. 

We sat in the park and set things straight. 

It was a bit surreal though. 

A man was playing golf 

He definitely left with a different dog than the one he arrived with. 

I was also adamant I knew two men sitting on a bench. Except, I couldn't see them and it turns out they were complete strangers. 

- - -

How cute is this photo?

It's my club. 

Everyone is family. 


| 2017 | 06 | 08 | those days |


Dear you,

My readers.

I would love to know how many of you have stuck with me this past year.

How many have dealt with my ups and downs. 

Because that is life. 

And right now, I'm well and truly stuck in a hard place. 

Like a really hard one. 

And whilst I'm having a tough time. I'm taking extreme measures to truly, genuinely, make the most of it. 

Because even when you're stuck, even when your chips are down and life is literally laying into you with the force of a professional boxer.

There will always be a duck being chased by toast down the Thames. 

There will always be those funny moments that make you smile. 

Like spilling two cups of water all over your desk and sitting in a puddle before a work parent intervenes. (genuinely was just working in a swimming pool for twenty minutes until it started dripping too close to a power socket)

I've also been trying to dress nicer on a day to day basis. 

It's quite refreshing. 


Smile more. 

It will work out. 



| 2017 | 06 | 07 | icecream |

I've always found staying in Marlow hard. 

Most of my friends left for London a few years ago so it's been quite a lonely experience, grabbing them when they return and otherwise ticking over. 

I found a new family at Longridge Canoe Club. And at Claytons. And Stream.

It's time like these when you realise how much people truly care, and invest in your happiness as a person. I've also found it fascinating how information leaks through via mutual friends, interested parties and just gossips I guess. As puzzle pieces fall into place, I'm more and more certain things happened for a reason. 

My schedule has been super busy. I haven't had time to slow down. But this weekend will be time for reflection. It's also Marlow regatta. 

I like this man. 


| 2017 | 06 | 06 | pear juice |

- - -

Do we remember when whatsophiedid was just an account of what I did each day. No frills. No fun attached, just simply a rendition of my day.

I woke up seriously early today and sat with bed hair drinking more than one coffee. 

Ran out of orange juice.

Got orange juice. 

Went to my dads house to pick up some form of rain protection for the day ahead.

Had to change my shoes too. 

Oh cool,

I'm some kind of poster girl now too.

- - -

I had such a lovely evening. We made a delicious chicken dish (with probably a bit much garlic) and followed it up with warm banana pancakes and maple syrup.

Check out this guy. 

He's so perfect.