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if i have to parallel park, don't invite me



And on a lighter note. I just drank so much coffee I can see sounds.



About that.


The move in date has changed to the 21st. That is so soon.


On Sunday myself and Connor spent a lovely day in the sun, wandering around our stomping ground, which sadly we know well enough that we'll really struggle to get lost.

This weekend we were meant to be going up to the Sprints together, camping in a random field and doing what we do best. 

But I can't go. 

And I'm pretty bummed out. 

It's really tough, making an adult decision, but mine is to stay and work to ensure we have enough money to pay off our deposit and the first month in our new home stress free. 

I'm sad. 

I got re-dressed when I arrived on Saturday. 

I took some warming up. 

Look at how perfect the below photos are.

Look how cute the dream team is. 

I get so much abuse for being short. Can you spot the broken wine glass?!