| 2017 | 03 | 03 | i will spam you to hell and back |

Firstly. Put on the Major Lazer remix of 'shape of you'.

Now. Business. 

This is the outfit I wore when an eletrician asked me how my GCSE's were going. 

I can almost understand why. 

Same pose. Except I'd just shovelled over 1 tonne of dirt across our driveway.  Jerry stood and watched. And occasionally swept the drive. Because that was completely essential whilst I was throwing it everyone. 

I remember this selfie. 

I remember who it was for.

I think now is an apt time to get it back out.


Who else remembers the milkshakes if 2016? The constant supply. The never ending dairy goodness. 

I never want that stuff again. 

Charlotte had completely managed to take me out. and I couldn't escape. Courtesy of the grip around my neck. 


Gone but never forgotten. Well not really gone.

If you didn't know already. I fricking love goats. 

And clearly myself. 

Right. So the animals on the farm were going mental for the food.

So naturally I had to try some.

2/5. Wouldn't really recommend. You could probably buy yourself some human food with that money and feel a lot better about life. 

Then the horse made me cry. It was so sassy. 

I was genuinely crying. 

The children around me were scared. 

I miss mike. we used to go play in the woods and climb trees. Now he just flies planes and goes to school. Sigh.