| 2017 | 03 | 28 | something between |

Why is it that there is a link between productivity and the angle of tied ponytail?

There's also something between miles and medals. It's on the tip of my tongue. I really mean it. 

On Saturday I cut my foot open. It's the smallest ever cut but was the most painful thing. 

I was a proper hopalong again. 

Luckily the bit of glass is out now. I could feel it scraping the bottom of my boat. How gross is that?

Over the weekend I went for a lovely walk around Bourne End and Cookham. We ended up a little stuck on the golf course so had to break out. 

We just wanted to leave. 


| 2017 | 03 | 16 | talk talk |

What's soph saying?

Was almost my blog title.


Where have you been? You might ask.

 To that I would reply - busy.

I've been busy.

Is that allowed? Is it really?... the busier I am, the less time I have to blog... so the less busy I look.


Can you see what this is?

It's a pheasant. 

Like I had to stop running because it just looked like I was chasing a pheasant down the road at 6.30 this morning.

It looked so stressed out too. 


This is the only photo of me in my boat the right side up.

I'm not very photogenic.


Do the cars in Cars have insurance for themselves? Like. Do they have to call up and haggle prices based on how fat they are and how fast they can't go?

I'm asking for a friend.

Oh here's another one.

I look so comfortable and relaxed. 

So I googled aggravated caterpillar.

He's not aggravated. He's amused. Or dead. Is that even a caterpillar?



| 2017 | 03 | 03 | the running |

When going through my photos one thing is clear - this time last year, I ran. A lot.

I would be clocking around 60 miles per week, and probably complaining about each and every single one. 

Sorry for the swears.

But that run broke me into some very small pieces. 

It was my second attempt at covering more than 28 miles in one run. These are counted as LSR's and the aim is to finish. 

As with anything of this scale, nutrition and preparation are key. 

Not - waking up and deciding you might have a bash.

I'd forgotten my gels, had the wrong shoes on and had half the amount of water I should've been carrying. 

Oh, but I'd packed too much of everything else.

This was me in Cookham. 

The route I'd gone for was a in and out - so at no one point was I too far from home, but I was effectively running in a huge circle. 

That's really great mentally. Just so you know.
I was not a happy bunny. And my legs hurt.

I bailed at  mile 20.


To make up for it. I dragged Ricky out for a quickie - 2.4 miles to be precise along the river. We've run that route so many times now, but this was the first time the river decided to join us. 

It was cold.



| 2017 | 03 | 03 | i will spam you to hell and back |

Firstly. Put on the Major Lazer remix of 'shape of you'.

Now. Business. 

This is the outfit I wore when an eletrician asked me how my GCSE's were going. 

I can almost understand why. 

Same pose. Except I'd just shovelled over 1 tonne of dirt across our driveway.  Jerry stood and watched. And occasionally swept the drive. Because that was completely essential whilst I was throwing it everyone. 

I remember this selfie. 

I remember who it was for.

I think now is an apt time to get it back out.


Who else remembers the milkshakes if 2016? The constant supply. The never ending dairy goodness. 

I never want that stuff again. 

Charlotte had completely managed to take me out. and I couldn't escape. Courtesy of the grip around my neck. 


Gone but never forgotten. Well not really gone.

If you didn't know already. I fricking love goats. 

And clearly myself. 

Right. So the animals on the farm were going mental for the food.

So naturally I had to try some.

2/5. Wouldn't really recommend. You could probably buy yourself some human food with that money and feel a lot better about life. 

Then the horse made me cry. It was so sassy. 

I was genuinely crying. 

The children around me were scared. 

I miss mike. we used to go play in the woods and climb trees. Now he just flies planes and goes to school. Sigh.