| 2017 | 02 | 19 | roof racks |

I can't quite believe February is drawing to a close. 

The weathers starting to change and the days getting longer - which means more paddling AND more outdoor activities. I can't wait to go for more summer walks. 

We should be back to normal service now, now that I have proper wifi (my god it's good to actually have internet). 

Today, I'm going to unpack, be nerdy and then later we're going to go out and enjoy this lovely day. 

Life updates:
- My avocado tree is growing so big and strong. I feel so much pride for my little guy. 
- I have managed to tan. I will continue to pursue this endeavour. 
- My dad's supporting the boat race again. 2nd April for your diary.

I can't wait for next week.

Sundays used to be our day of cooking too much food and chilling in front of dinner date, or something equally appalling. I'm not going to mess with a successful recipe, but today was a day to get out and play. Once we'd napped twice and had our fill of rubbish tv it was time to bounce out.

here's another portugal picture. 
 I dressed to impress (my socks)

Getting in, pancakes were high on the agenda.

I was fearful to say the least when the pan got flipped pre cooking (it's an irish technique apparently, adds bubbles).

the hob is nowhere near jerry ready.

Outfit number 3 of the day.

Also I REALLY need to get the roof racks on my car. Like really.

It's becoming some kind of an issue.