| 2017 | 02 | 17 | training camp day 6 + 7 |

Last night, we went over to the other part of the hotel and had steak for dinner. I have never eaten quite so much in one sitting before and probably shouldn't again but as a one off it was delicious.

Will had so much dessert I genuinely think he could have died.

'It would be rude not to try everything on offer'



We'd played a lot of football that day in the sun - obviously I didn't play on account of my foot but I will be back up to all things running soon. I hope.

The morning session was one of my favourites - think 30 on 30 off x 7 x 5 and in the afternoon it was the 5ks again. I had to stop after the first............. thanks for that.


Today, I left my lucky wingnut on the wall down by training.

I don't think I need luck anymore.