| 2017 | 02 | 14 | training camp day 4 |

chapsnat is still sophieelola. for those of you who added me a while back seems to be working well as a post notifier!

I wish I could put into words how incredible this week is.

Also Happy Valentines and all that. Day of spreading loveliness. I hope you've had a really super fabulous day. Some of the stuff you see some people do for their other halves is just incredible. It's refreshing to see people share a connection in that way - personally I've never felt that gestures should be limited to one day but everyone is different.

It's just nice isn't it? :) 

I was so nervous and anxious before I came - was my ability level too small to keep up and not get in the way?! But every single session I am learning, and everyone is so lovely too. 

This morning kicked off with 5 x 2k. Tough.

But made tougher by the swirls coming off the bridge arch which by the way are harder than anyone makes them look. 

In fact. 

Where I did not swim, Sammy did. 

Lets all take a moment to appreciate that. 

I will not be letting him forget that either. 

Then sand dune running in 17 degree heat. 

The weather today has been perfect. 

The 2 5ks this afternoon were in slightly more challenging conditions, but I don't have to stop anymore in rough water. I think that's been my greatest learning curve. 

I'm just a bit more confident - granted the warmth helps but hopefully I'll take even 15% of that home with me and we'll be good. 

I don't think I'll want to leave!



Thank you for the dinosaur necklace. I'm impressed at your dedication. Shame it caused so much stress at the time. It means a lot. I know how hard this month is for you x