| 2017 | 02 | 13 | training camp day 3 |

Today was tough.  But at least I managed to get some photos up eh?

the boyband + will + harriet (ill).  

I'd be lying if I didn't admit to the fact I'm struggling to stay awake at 8.30pm. I'm dog tired. 

My body has paddled more over the past few days than it has in a long time and I'm feeling it. 


12 x 3 minutes

Then this afternoon

90 minute technical. But not easy, just low cadence.  

We had Tom with us for the last hour of the second session and my god did he make us work for it. 

I think. 

Tomorrow is going to be even worse. 

5 x 2ks with a 2 x 5k in the afternoon. 

It has been great knowing you. 

I'm still noticing improvements in my stability and technique. 

The weather today was so perfect too.

We wandered down to the beach in our downtime - I think I'd quite like to live by the sea. I always knew I'd end up living near water, but the sea has really gotten my attention. It just so different every day. In the five sessions we've been down there it's shown more diversity than the Thames does in a year. 

I might dedicate an entire blog series to 'The Chronicles of Will: The sassiest of paddlers'

I never thought that title would be taken away from me.


Do you know what day it is tomorrow - I hope you've got your flowers ready ;).