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On Tuesday I received the most thoughtful gift for Milo. 

'Milo's boat kit' (the name has stuck and my boat is a boy. Tough. He can be whatever he wants to be!).

It contains:
- A sharpie - for drawing all over my boat - I want to write on the bottom but i think that's open to negotiation
- Bungees - for tying him down to a car. 
- Cloth - to dry him off before I draw on him
- Stickers - ...
- Tape - who doesn't need tape

I'm starting to amass paddling stuff. It's kind of exciting. 

curve, where curving seems to be a concept beyond anyone over the age of 15.

The plot line where Troy becomes a air conditioning repair man....

The room temperature room.

Unbelievable and unvincable.

Wherever there's air we have eyes.


'Who cares if you're sorry! Be sorry about this stuff before you do it then DON'T DO IT. That's what  being a grown up is!' - Jeff Winger, some time in the past.

That episode was a rollercoaster from start to finish.


I ate some coffee today.

And after a conversation with a friend may have consumed 6 cinnamon swirls.


So it's training camp on  Saturday.

I think I have everything I need.

I'm not quite sure though.

Paddling my new boat has really emphasised how clunky Eddie is.

I love him though.


Today the office was abuzz with chat of the monarchy, specifically our Liz and her dress sense. I reckon she's an absolute hooligan.

Do you think she'll have to send herself a card on her 100th?

I hope so.


I bought too much chocolate over lunch, so when the thing happened I dribbled everywhere.

I have genuinely not been tickled that hard in a long time and I can't even write it here.

I just.

It's broken me.