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I fricking love tuesdays. 

Favourite day.

I look quite blue. 

I'm still very cold. 


I love. my. new. boat. I want to be back paddling it already.

I fell out of it today, but I was probably over reaching my stability level.

We were doing 10x3 minutes and I'd managed to get myself onto Alex's wash (yeah I know...). Going against the advice I'd been given (trees won't fricking move) I thought I'd check out how her paddles were looking in the water.

Split second later.... I was heading towards the water screaming 'OH. F***'.

It was cold enough to knock the breath out of me.

But I'm a little bit chuffed I hung on to Alex for so long.

best Christmas present ever. 
 A pretty wise person once told me that every time someone goes past, you have to jump on, even if it's just for a few strokes because one day you'll stick. I'm starting to feel a little stickier now. Not a lot, but a little.

I loved driving home in just my underwear under my dry robe. I'm glad I didn't crash. 



Why 6?

Why is 6 my favourite number?

Why indeed.

If you see me, why don't you ask?


Training last night was a blast. Little Will (you'll remember he's my training partner) genuinely won everything.

'I've had a long day'

He'd had a long day guys.

4 hours of German.

I wish I'd had 4 hours of German.

I mean.

I'm now really sad.

Milo has to go back to Portugal because he's poorly and needs a bit of love.

This is deeply upsetting because I'm already in love.


this is my little tree called Nigel. He's doing so good. 

Over the past two days I have brainstormed harder than ever.

This is my donate box. I'm still getting rid of stuff, but this is a huge start.