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I once set out to find the perfect pebble. I wanted it to be grey. I wanted it to be quite small (but not too small) and have some nice colours in it. It had to sit well in my hand.

But in the short time I had, I never found my pebble. So I made do with one that was a little sub par, but pretty close. I call it my auxillary stone. Just in case. 

I'm sorry I couldn't put it back where I found it (the beach), and we don't have anywhere even close up here.

So a random pavement will have to do. 

I will go and find my pebble though.


Today has been a rollercoaster from start to finish.

This unhelpful but hilarious mum.


I shall leave you hanging. 


This morning kicked off with Dad and I sharing breakfast. I was trying to sweeten him up to the idea of giving me a lift to Taplow for 5.30 on Saturday. It's my pick up for camp and I need to be there at that horrific time. I may have to just sleep in a ditch.

Then for some reason I threw a mug of coffee over his toast (remember the beer on pizza incident).

Updates to come!

I wish I could describe to you the sheer level of danger I was then in.

I'm not talking the rock jumping danger of last month -  I mean full blown straight up danger.

It came out of nowhere and just started yelling at me.

I didn't know which way to turn, but I did know I had to get through it to get to work.

Blood pumping, I took the only option I thought possible - I extended my hand and asked 'are you okay?!'

He was not okay. 

In fact he was far from okay. 

I pegged it. Stopping only to check up on the local hedgehog further down the road.

What a morning.

But wait.

There's more. 4


Photo creds to Lish.

Happy now?

my 18th. Bloody hell. 

I hate missing people. :(