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Why do I love running?

Because it means I can do outdoors, but fast.

I can get muddy and not worry.

I can 'splore and have time to get home.

It's just fun!

I had intended on running today. But I didn't.

I got a bit caught up with things.

do you know what this is? This is my new boat. 
I have been waiting for 5 months to put this sticker on a boat I could call my own. It's actually a pretty big deal. 
Went for lunch with Ross. Also forgot to take a picture. 

This made me laugh.


I'm sure I've mentioned this before. 

Stability in kayaks ranges from 1-9, with the below boat being about as stable as they come. 

I was in that boat less than 11 months ago. 

that's some good paddling. magical.

After that, I moved into this sipre. Probably a 7?

i miss my buoyancy aid.
 Then I jumped into a puma - 4ish i believe. 

I fell out of that quite regularly.

Two months later Tom told me to paddle the Eagle. 

Questionably a 1, but probably not quite because it has a low seat.

That was a real struggle. I've had to learn so much in a very short space of time. Every session, I'm the one contending with people who have been doing it for years. I'm still experiencing things for the first time and not always sure of how best to do it. 

Today. Paddling my boat

A real K1, less than a year after falling out of the tub.

I did it.

I put my mind to it, and I did it all by myself. 

Deary me, I have just admitted to falling out of the tercel.