| 2017 | 02 | 04 | shiny |

You know when you see something? And just know it's going to be the best story you've ever heard. 


It truly was.

I went for a lovely lunchtime stroll. And then was very very late. 
 Look at the river though. It's great. 


Do you know what I did today.

I picked up my new boat. 

I picked up.




And it's all mine.

I am so excited. 

I'm paddling it tomorrow with a really good friend and I'm looking forward to experiencing that with her. 

It's kind of a special moment. She's going to laugh at the first time I fall out too. 

my best friend and training partner came with me to collect it.

It was actually dark when we went, so I've yet to see it in the light.


Traditionally, as we all know, boats are female. It's something to do with latin blah blah blah. But that doesn't mean mine has to be.

It's called milo. 

Which tenuously has something to do with bravery. 

I didn't start it. 

But I bloody well ended it. 

I had a slightly quieter evening at a friends house in the end and we watched films and at popcorn. I still don't know if I like popcorn. 

School was great. 

I once again got to explain my favourite day (tuesday) my lack of love for fridays and why I don't set me alarm to a rounded up time (5.47).

It's all quite obvious really.