| 2017 | 02 | 02 | wednesday |

I had the cutest dream last night.

I got in my new boat, paddled it really well and almost kept up with Alex. 

So even in my dreams I can only almost keep up. 


the longest table - a tale of woe

And other stories.

This morning I didn't even get out of bed until about twenty minutes before I had to leave. Which if you know me, is something of a rarity. 
I set my alarm for 6.23.

You know I'm feeling bad when I opt for normal times. If apple wanted me to use 5's and 10's they wouldn't have put all the other numbers in there.

My mum sent me an amazing card in the post. 

'It will be alright in the end. It it's not alright, then it's not the end'

I feel like I'm back in school. 

Following this I was told to not leave the house after hours. So I came up with a plan. 

I snuck out.  I haven't done this in so long.

Received these in the post for my kit.

Currently writing an essay.

The list goes on. 

'does a kitchen floor even count as furniture if you have to even sit on it'


I love today.

I have never met a human who could be sad whilst listening to Jack Johnson.

My body aches from training yesterday, but it was the first session I've really felt like I could get through and push - which is only good!