| 2017 | 02 | 02 | training camp day 1 |

I'd like to post every day. But realistically I can't. 

Free time is going to be very limited.


The last time my alarm went off at 4am I was running an ultra-marathon. Today was no less painful. 

Alex messaged me too early to say she was on her way and we headed back to hers for one of the strongest coffees I've ever consumed. 

We ate a hearty breakfast before heading onto the plane. I really love the people around us. 

Little Will was getting a super level of sass on from the beginning and getting quite bossy. 

I slept the entire way.

Remember my obscure ability to nap in any location?

We landed and headed through all exciting things in Portugal.

bad holiday snap competition

Once in the bus Luke decided to get out his banana.

'Guys what's so funny? There's nothing special about my banana'

Before insulting myself and Harriet.

Ben managed to be all of obscure and precise in one instant, declaring to a completely silent bus

' guys. Does anyone want a brownie or anything.' 

No thanks.

But thanks.

All six of us were conked out for the entire duration of the journey. 

The first paddle was really challenging. It was so windy we were forced to retreat to a little lake off the side and do laps before completing some 100m sprints. 

I did not swim.