| 2017 | 02 | 02 | runs |

I had a half day today.

What else would I spend it doing but sorting my life out?

I was pulled out of my lie in by a caffeine headache, so dragged myself downstairs for a huge mug of that powdery stuff no one likes. 

Roof racks acquired, I then went down to the river to play. 

My boat hasn't arrived, and since I am now down boat transport I've had to be inventive. But don't fret. Everything sorts itself out in the end. 

I disrupted a gaggle of big frogs before heading out on a run.

I now remember why I spent so much on my trail shoes - sailing past a group of runners who looked more Bambi-esque in the mud I had sure footing and a straight line. 

The return downhill was a little more exciting.

After being quite smug over my footing, I absolutely, 100% took myself out going downhill. Not just a little bit. A lot a lot. 

My left foot got stuck under my right and I kid you not I was cleanly in the air for a few seconds, before landing on my elbows and rolling down the hill. 

Best part was running back past the first group of runners, this time covered head to toe in mud and leaves - but still smiling. 

My watch tells me that was quite a quick segment. So maybe it's all tactical. I am so bruised. 

these are the core members of my gym family. I have so much love for them. They don't look like much, but they're exceptional athletes.