| 2017 | 02 | 25 | yolo |

I used to paddle with my tongue out a lot - turns out this is just to allow for those tiny balance corrections

[ryan pearce. 2017].


This morning was an amazing session at Dorney. 

8 x 500m, 1 x 1k and some fun sprint work on a line. 


Knock knock

who's there

The floor. that's who's there



everyone else training. I'd been off on some kind of an adventure

Look at how adorable I wasn't.

I wrote too many essays this week. 

I will never learn.

7000 unreferenced words. 

That could be a book. 


| 2017 | 02 | 24 | eeesh |

today I had to watch my dad cry.

pets. eh? :(

Do you know what Sunday is?

Do you!?

My boats coming back.

It's been almost a week since we returned from our portugal adventure.

Weirdly, I'm missing everyone. 

wills sass got out of control. He could not be stopped. 

I love my friends. They're a little family really. 

Oh and these creatures.




I cannot wait to get my own.


| 2017 | 02 | 19 | roof racks |

I can't quite believe February is drawing to a close. 

The weathers starting to change and the days getting longer - which means more paddling AND more outdoor activities. I can't wait to go for more summer walks. 

We should be back to normal service now, now that I have proper wifi (my god it's good to actually have internet). 

Today, I'm going to unpack, be nerdy and then later we're going to go out and enjoy this lovely day. 

Life updates:
- My avocado tree is growing so big and strong. I feel so much pride for my little guy. 
- I have managed to tan. I will continue to pursue this endeavour. 
- My dad's supporting the boat race again. 2nd April for your diary.

I can't wait for next week.

Sundays used to be our day of cooking too much food and chilling in front of dinner date, or something equally appalling. I'm not going to mess with a successful recipe, but today was a day to get out and play. Once we'd napped twice and had our fill of rubbish tv it was time to bounce out.

here's another portugal picture. 
 I dressed to impress (my socks)

Getting in, pancakes were high on the agenda.

I was fearful to say the least when the pan got flipped pre cooking (it's an irish technique apparently, adds bubbles).

the hob is nowhere near jerry ready.

Outfit number 3 of the day.

Also I REALLY need to get the roof racks on my car. Like really.

It's becoming some kind of an issue.


| 2017 | 02 | 18 | training camp day 8 |

Today, we're saying goodbye to this place.

I've left things behind that I thought I was attached to.

I've also taken a lot with me.

- I'm not scared of falling in anymore. It has always just been in my head, and this week has forced me to just get past that. yawn. it's a bit pathetic really to think how scared I used to be.

- I can't wait for my new boat to arrive, and I'm so eager to be able to paddle it. I will probably end up doing loads of sessions over the top of our training plan again. But that's okay.


I'm looking forward to getting home and getting on with things.

I am genuinely so happy right now.

Of course, there are things I would change, or do differently, but that isn't a constructive way of looking at the situation.

I think it's time I got a little less coherent.



| 2017 | 02 | 17 | training camp day 6 + 7 |

Last night, we went over to the other part of the hotel and had steak for dinner. I have never eaten quite so much in one sitting before and probably shouldn't again but as a one off it was delicious.

Will had so much dessert I genuinely think he could have died.

'It would be rude not to try everything on offer'



We'd played a lot of football that day in the sun - obviously I didn't play on account of my foot but I will be back up to all things running soon. I hope.

The morning session was one of my favourites - think 30 on 30 off x 7 x 5 and in the afternoon it was the 5ks again. I had to stop after the first............. thanks for that.


Today, I left my lucky wingnut on the wall down by training.

I don't think I need luck anymore.



| 2017 | 02 | 14 | training camp day 4 |

chapsnat is still sophieelola. for those of you who added me a while back seems to be working well as a post notifier!

I wish I could put into words how incredible this week is.

Also Happy Valentines and all that. Day of spreading loveliness. I hope you've had a really super fabulous day. Some of the stuff you see some people do for their other halves is just incredible. It's refreshing to see people share a connection in that way - personally I've never felt that gestures should be limited to one day but everyone is different.

It's just nice isn't it? :) 

I was so nervous and anxious before I came - was my ability level too small to keep up and not get in the way?! But every single session I am learning, and everyone is so lovely too. 

This morning kicked off with 5 x 2k. Tough.

But made tougher by the swirls coming off the bridge arch which by the way are harder than anyone makes them look. 

In fact. 

Where I did not swim, Sammy did. 

Lets all take a moment to appreciate that. 

I will not be letting him forget that either. 

Then sand dune running in 17 degree heat. 

The weather today has been perfect. 

The 2 5ks this afternoon were in slightly more challenging conditions, but I don't have to stop anymore in rough water. I think that's been my greatest learning curve. 

I'm just a bit more confident - granted the warmth helps but hopefully I'll take even 15% of that home with me and we'll be good. 

I don't think I'll want to leave!



Thank you for the dinosaur necklace. I'm impressed at your dedication. Shame it caused so much stress at the time. It means a lot. I know how hard this month is for you x


| 2017 | 02 | 13 | training camp day 3 |

Today was tough.  But at least I managed to get some photos up eh?

the boyband + will + harriet (ill).  

I'd be lying if I didn't admit to the fact I'm struggling to stay awake at 8.30pm. I'm dog tired. 

My body has paddled more over the past few days than it has in a long time and I'm feeling it. 


12 x 3 minutes

Then this afternoon

90 minute technical. But not easy, just low cadence.  

We had Tom with us for the last hour of the second session and my god did he make us work for it. 

I think. 

Tomorrow is going to be even worse. 

5 x 2ks with a 2 x 5k in the afternoon. 

It has been great knowing you. 

I'm still noticing improvements in my stability and technique. 

The weather today was so perfect too.

We wandered down to the beach in our downtime - I think I'd quite like to live by the sea. I always knew I'd end up living near water, but the sea has really gotten my attention. It just so different every day. In the five sessions we've been down there it's shown more diversity than the Thames does in a year. 

I might dedicate an entire blog series to 'The Chronicles of Will: The sassiest of paddlers'

I never thought that title would be taken away from me.


Do you know what day it is tomorrow - I hope you've got your flowers ready ;). 


| 2017 | 02 | 02 | training camp day 1 |

I'd like to post every day. But realistically I can't. 

Free time is going to be very limited.


The last time my alarm went off at 4am I was running an ultra-marathon. Today was no less painful. 

Alex messaged me too early to say she was on her way and we headed back to hers for one of the strongest coffees I've ever consumed. 

We ate a hearty breakfast before heading onto the plane. I really love the people around us. 

Little Will was getting a super level of sass on from the beginning and getting quite bossy. 

I slept the entire way.

Remember my obscure ability to nap in any location?

We landed and headed through all exciting things in Portugal.

bad holiday snap competition

Once in the bus Luke decided to get out his banana.

'Guys what's so funny? There's nothing special about my banana'

Before insulting myself and Harriet.

Ben managed to be all of obscure and precise in one instant, declaring to a completely silent bus

' guys. Does anyone want a brownie or anything.' 

No thanks.

But thanks.

All six of us were conked out for the entire duration of the journey. 

The first paddle was really challenging. It was so windy we were forced to retreat to a little lake off the side and do laps before completing some 100m sprints. 

I did not swim.