| 2017 | 01 | 26 | one shot |

Yesterday I was on the receiving end of the wettest handshake known to man.
We walked into the meeting and the poor guy looked scared. 

I hit him with a 70%, and felt bones snap.

We thought things would improve post meeting, when he'd relaxed a bit and got a touch more confident. 


Wet fish comes to mind.


I've also spent the morning fielding off pictures of my colleagues 'banana'

Nat cool. 

My run was through the snow. I'm currently trying to only just beat my 5k time so I get a new record each run. 

It's quite a challenge. 

sometimes I wish I had done a more intellectual degree.

Not that mine didn't stretch me beyond the point of breaking, I more mean...

Van der Waals forces' is a general term used to define the attraction of intermolecular forces between molecules. There are two kinds of Van der Waals forces: weak London Dispersion Forces and stronger dipole-dipole forces

This was the sort of thing I could reel off the top of my head. 

Don't get me started on the level of integration and differentiation I could do in my head. 

I was some kind of mathematical freak.