| 2017 | 01 | 24 | christmas trees |

'hey sophie, wanna hear a joke?'


'your future.'


When I woke up, my dad seemed to pre-empt the disaster.

But I continued nonetheless. 

It was sufficiently foggy that I took out my running light (a bright yellow trainer clip so motorists know where your feet are). 

The first two miles went really well. My foot is healing up nicely and I can go faster and futher, but once I left the park the road started to get really icy.

Then as I approached the station, it got really icy.


stop running sophie it's really icy. icy.

I crossed the road, ready to turn up my mum's old road and head up the hill. 

The turn went round to the left, but my left foot went out to the right. My other foot followed as my hands grabbed through the air for anything to hold onto. 


A lamp post. 

But my feet were still nowhere to be seen, the forward motion of my bodyweight still carrying them away from safety. 

The grip I had on the post was poor at best, so I slid down it, ending up on my side.

It was bloody magical. 



I'm long overdue watching Cool Runnings.