| 2017 | 01 | 22 | rich coming from you |

This weekend was one of a lot of sub-zero temperatures and adventures.

Saturday kicked off with a lovely technical paddle on the Jubilee (which was exhausting) followed by the run around Dorney.

Foot made it to 2.6 miles. Well done foot.

Once slightly warmer myself and Connor decided to go back into the cold for another walk. 

He's a huge fan of danger (remember how much danger he was in last weekend?)

Shortly before I ran away. 

 and then.



I've had a serious confidence issue with paddling lately.

It's quite scary in the tippier boats, especially when the flow is up and the water temp is so cold.

It got to the point where I was considering pulling out of the Portugal training camp next month. 

But then Connor reminded me of just how far I've come. The above photo shows my progression in under a year, div 8 in a seriously stable boat to div 5 in a nelo. A real boat. I didn't fall in once. I feel a bit stupid really, but everyone has a wobble every once in a while (haha.)

It's hard when I watch the others move so comfortably when every stroke feels awkward and unfamiliar, but I just have to keep plodding away at it.

 We did 2x5k in minus 4 degrees.

That's cold enough to freeze my pony tail solid.


In richmond.

I kept running away. 

Ryan carried a big stick for a long time.

It's amazing to see such big bodies of water completely solid.