| 2017 | 01 | 10 | windsor |

Drama of today - having to full on swerve to get out of a sticky situation driving to pick up some chorizo for my sister's dinner. The things we do.

Rewind to Saturday...

Training was tough. 8 x 500m at Dorney with minimal breaks in between.


Myself and Connor then went for a lovely wander to Windsor. 

Stopping only for a really nutritious lunch. 

I feel like my blog photography has become so sloppy lately. 

It's more that I've lost that self assured blogger sass. Back in the day I would happily sit with my DSLR and phone torch, carefully arranging the perfect shots to use. Now, I'll slyly tip my phone and hope. 


Normal service will resume.  

Sunday was a really good day.

Frank Luzmore, a K2 race between Elmbridge Canoe Club and Richmond was our event, and you'll see below my awesome team mate. 

She was racing up a little (Senior Ladies isn't quite her category) but we smashed it and came a solid 7th.

My boss just swore at me across the room. It was perfect.