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My current workplace initiative is to encourage everyone to drink more. This has resulted in some minor 'accidents'... at least everyone feels comfortable enough to pee in the middle of the room. 


Absolute chaos at the Mitchell house. One of our bins was potentially missing and Jerry got particularly emotional.

'I've had that bin for 3 years. We've gone through so much... Christmas 2014 was a particular highlight'

'I feel like the time we spent together was so special. How could someone try to take it away'

Turns out ours was just off having a casual fling with the bin from number 22 and returned home not too long after. Fickle one.


If life is like a box of chocolates... then social media is like the flavour card

 - El-isha, 2017

Quote of the day 'I can't draw stripes'

cue officewide silence.

Remember to collect suspicious pebbles.