| 2017 | 01 | 04 | planes |

well today started with the worst pun ever.

trucking vantastic.

i almost walked out.

also apparently i was muttering under my breath for the most part of the morning and acted out a full on break up with twitter....

We're done.


I found some pictures from summer on my phone and I just want to go back. My gliding trip with Mike is still a massive highlight. As was the annual holiday to France.


I've been doing a fair amount of thinking lately about where I want to be in the future, when I say future I even just mean the summer. 

I'd like to have moved out, at least locally and be living independently. I r

eally miss that from my days at uni, and will probably be much happier for it.

I'd also like to start saving up as much money as I can. It's been a bit of a poor effort in terms of my income vs savings. Meh. you only live once


It's happened. 

I've booked a hair appointment to get my hair bleached. 

Nothing as drastic. 

I found this picture on my Facebook the other day - the shoe collection I used to lug back and forth to Newcastle three times a year. Guess who only now still has three of those pairs?


That would be me.