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Yes. I clearly didn't pay attention yesterday to my post title.

Back to work today.

I've spent the entirety of my time back sighing.

I think my favourite is now that a client has discovered the @ function on twitter. ... they keep making up the handles.

not too bad, all things considered.

I might no tattooed on my hand for such occasions.

I didn't get enough sleep last night.

I won't ever get enough sleep I don't think.


I have actually remembered a packed lunch because I have some exciting business in town. It will be fabulous.

'I did everything I absolutely could have to get it done' said me... having not quite done everything i could have done.


11:08 I am broken by a man apologising for the larger font size on his facebeook post. I can't decide which emotion I'm experiencing but I'm not sure I like it.

2 mins of doodling during a phone call. Magical.


I feel really trapped at the moment. 

I just want to either have my own space, or get out of here completely.

That's my absolute impulsiveness kicking in. And it normally precedes me hitting my head and getting concussion. Or entering an ultramarathon and dislocating something in my foot. 

Doing. Something. Silly.

But if I've disappeared next week it's probably cause I chucked all my savings into a plane ticket and actually got round to seeing those penguins. I so want to go meet them. 

Wanna come?

because you bloody well will.
Just quickly.