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blah blah some lame paragraph about how 2016 taught me loads and how 2017 will be 365 days of applying that etc. yada yada yada.

so on.

I'm sure you could check your facebook feed and find the type of thing I'm punching for. Do that. Save me the trouble.

I'm currently listening to the 'SASSY INDEPENDENT WOMAN' playlist, so sorry if there's a lot of 'tude and a little bit of Shania.

Oh here she is. 

And how she is totally applicable.

because it really doesn't. check. your. self.

The weather was damp today. But this photo reminded me of that holiday when I first discovered photography and spent the entire week trying to capture the perfect tree reflection shot. 

I did. Btw.

day 1 of my 2 minute sketch challenge. I used to do this a lot.  B+. But at least you can tell what it is! 

I never thought I'd be starting the year with no blonde in my hair. A permanent feature since 14 it's still a but strange looking in the mirror. 


I'll get there.


Today in brief. 

Social life.
Boy round in his break.

In brief.

Not the brief.