| 2017 | 01 | 30 | in the morning |

You can't be completely broke if you don't check your bank account

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT PARKS AND REC. It is exactly this mindset that destroyed my life. 

Treat yoself .


Treat your bank account. 


| 2017 | 01 | 29 | rambles |

I had a busy, long and slightly confusing weekend.

In that I completely lost my bearings. 

Have you ever played car hide and seek?

It's quite hard. And a team activity because you have to send snaps of your location every 2 minutes (or agreed upon time period).


I am an angry bird.

Watch me explode.

Like an adorable little poof of glitter.

I only lose my temper when the situation is ridiculous beyond belief. Then I'll just say some angry words whilst crying inside - requiring a nesquik and six or so biscuits. Probably (definitely) six.

I definitely stamp my feet.





Seeing friends.



I swear they're in there somewhere.
nope. I know where they went. 
Late night sleeping.








Other friends






I forgot to mention.

Well I didn't because I am but I forgot to say that I've thrown away 5 notebooks filled with every string of consciousness between the ages of 15 and 18.


I mean. The two textbooks I left so neatly stacked weren't quite as intentional.  But I hope whoever got those appreciates them as much as I would have, had they not left my possession.


| 2017 | 01 | 27 | tesco |

Adulthood is mastering your caffeine intake.

'drink your school stay in sleep don't do milk and get eight hours of drugs'

When did your blog become tumblr? When didn't it.

Look. Can we just take a moment to truly appreciate how well I photograph. 

This is the fun I have at work.

I'm actually working on getting rid of that race face. 

Look at the eyebrows. 

No wonder I'm aged beyond my years in the forehead region. 

This is a great before and after. 

Mike's face doesn't actually change at all. 

Where as I look like I've been to hell and back. Twice. Because I forgot something. 

Back to the photoshoot that revolutionized photography. 

My unfortunate face is probably what you want to see at all times. 



| 2017 | 01 | 26 | one shot |

Yesterday I was on the receiving end of the wettest handshake known to man.
We walked into the meeting and the poor guy looked scared. 

I hit him with a 70%, and felt bones snap.

We thought things would improve post meeting, when he'd relaxed a bit and got a touch more confident. 


Wet fish comes to mind.


I've also spent the morning fielding off pictures of my colleagues 'banana'

Nat cool. 

My run was through the snow. I'm currently trying to only just beat my 5k time so I get a new record each run. 

It's quite a challenge. 

sometimes I wish I had done a more intellectual degree.

Not that mine didn't stretch me beyond the point of breaking, I more mean...

Van der Waals forces' is a general term used to define the attraction of intermolecular forces between molecules. There are two kinds of Van der Waals forces: weak London Dispersion Forces and stronger dipole-dipole forces

This was the sort of thing I could reel off the top of my head. 

Don't get me started on the level of integration and differentiation I could do in my head. 

I was some kind of mathematical freak. 



| 2017 | 01 | 24 | christmas trees |

'hey sophie, wanna hear a joke?'


'your future.'


When I woke up, my dad seemed to pre-empt the disaster.

But I continued nonetheless. 

It was sufficiently foggy that I took out my running light (a bright yellow trainer clip so motorists know where your feet are). 

The first two miles went really well. My foot is healing up nicely and I can go faster and futher, but once I left the park the road started to get really icy.

Then as I approached the station, it got really icy.


stop running sophie it's really icy. icy.

I crossed the road, ready to turn up my mum's old road and head up the hill. 

The turn went round to the left, but my left foot went out to the right. My other foot followed as my hands grabbed through the air for anything to hold onto. 


A lamp post. 

But my feet were still nowhere to be seen, the forward motion of my bodyweight still carrying them away from safety. 

The grip I had on the post was poor at best, so I slid down it, ending up on my side.

It was bloody magical. 



I'm long overdue watching Cool Runnings. 


| 2017 | 01 | 22 | rich coming from you |

This weekend was one of a lot of sub-zero temperatures and adventures.

Saturday kicked off with a lovely technical paddle on the Jubilee (which was exhausting) followed by the run around Dorney.

Foot made it to 2.6 miles. Well done foot.

Once slightly warmer myself and Connor decided to go back into the cold for another walk. 

He's a huge fan of danger (remember how much danger he was in last weekend?)

Shortly before I ran away. 

 and then.



I've had a serious confidence issue with paddling lately.

It's quite scary in the tippier boats, especially when the flow is up and the water temp is so cold.

It got to the point where I was considering pulling out of the Portugal training camp next month. 

But then Connor reminded me of just how far I've come. The above photo shows my progression in under a year, div 8 in a seriously stable boat to div 5 in a nelo. A real boat. I didn't fall in once. I feel a bit stupid really, but everyone has a wobble every once in a while (haha.)

It's hard when I watch the others move so comfortably when every stroke feels awkward and unfamiliar, but I just have to keep plodding away at it.

 We did 2x5k in minus 4 degrees.

That's cold enough to freeze my pony tail solid.


In richmond.

I kept running away. 

Ryan carried a big stick for a long time.

It's amazing to see such big bodies of water completely solid.



| 2017 | 01 | 19 | zebra ting |

It's always gotta be six shades of green and a dinorawr named nigel .

I refuse to negotiate. 


Unless it's a zebra.

When does your thing stop being a thing?
When someone else is so desperate to maintain it as your thing it becomes their thing?
Is that a thing?
Or is it still my thing?
Is it a thing to have a thing at all?

Look at me winning this race. Don't I look filled with glee.

That boat is damn heavy.

this picture is nice. i don't have those shoes anymore though


So I just stretched my hands upwards and got cramp in my left fore arm.

The expletives that almost followed are not safe  for work. Ever