| 2016 | 12 | 27 | walkies |

It's 4.45am. I can't sleep. 


classic de-icing race with my dad. He won.
look at him drive off. damn it. 
My paddle this morning was amazing.

Like -2 degrees amazing with not quite enough clothing on.

My day was then a combination of chores, paperwork and general life.

I went for a quick shopping trip in Marlow too - followed by a sneaky walk around the park.

Testing in the afternoon was awesome.

I've gone up on everything and completely out did myself on chins. 25?! Seriously? Given I couldn't do one two months ago, and only did 4 at the last testing I think that's the greatest indicator the hard work is paying off...... eventually.

Well I think I did that many because I felt like I was going to pass out and can't really remember them.

Which is nice I guess.