| 2016 | 12 | 24 | sticks |

We had a fairly busy day today, I think.

connor was building. what - we're yet to discover. 

It kicked off with Star Wars. I don't actually know what the film was called but I have never struggled more with a plot before. 

My rudimentary understanding of the film saga: it's an adventure involving a gay robot, a talking hoover, some teddy bears and colourful sticks. Oh, and that guy who has asthma. 

But beyond that - completely and utterly clueless.

Post film I was none the wiser, only in that they all could probably do with some target practice. 

We then had some lunch - think everything on a table you could want in nibble form. 

After lunch Ryan allowed us the use of his river. 

It was a lot nicer today and I took the decision that I would rather stay afloat.

Good thinking I reckon. 

I was genuinely gutted to not have taken my camera out on the water for that session, it looked amazing.