| 2016 | 12 | 23 | sea it |

We had a lie in. All of until 9am before Connor got bored and demanded we went out and played. 

We went outside for a little walk around the harbour. There were some tall ships, but we've yet to establish how tall...

I couldn't see much of the sea to be honest. 

You can't see it but there's a day marker. It's great because you CANNOT SEE IT

a very aggressive land pigeon. 

Connor's still mastering paddling so takes the time to do it away from the dangers of the water. I respect that. 

Perplexed by the boats we found in some shed by the water. 

He couldn't understand the concept of 'press' so spent the best part of half an hour hanging onto the gym equipment. 

Checking things are as they should be.

This is Ryan.

He owns the local river. 

It's not very nice in there - so the aim is to stay out of the water and somewhere a little more dry. 

Again, Connor was uncertain.

Ryan gave Connor a quick low down on the basics - 'this is a boat' ... 'a what?' ... 'a floaty boaty thing'
We actually went for a really nice paddle, Connor's dad sorted out his K1 so he was a little excited. I tried to stay the correct way up but it wasn't to be. 

Thankfully I swam around in about a foot of water before establishing I could walk. 

It's very safe down there.