| 2016 | 12 | 21 | dribble |

I am at my most productive when I'm half awake. The distractable part of my brain switches off and I'm able to focus (hence why most of my essays were created between the hours of 11 and 2). 

Though the coherence may not always be viable. 

This. Each post-it represents a piece of work. We did them all. 

Cramming in deadlines before the Christmas period is always a challenge, and this week has felt particularly long and work heavy. Bring on my dream.... to be the best housewife there ever could be.

I love ironing. So much.

I benched 62.5kg today. Absolute PB right there. Very jammy. 

More of these..... because they are fabulous. 

Are you the worst? 

Britta is the worst. 

love sophie xox

Two notes that completely sum up my life.