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Did we go to London?


It was such a good day.

We went full tourist and hit up the lego store, m&m world (to name but a few) before running into a cafe nero and topping up the caffeine levels.

Praise the coffee.!

I was quite jealous of the hot chocolate though. 

Dragging poor Georgia around with us boring parents. 

We're still not quite sure who the strict one is...

Fortnum and Mason was a whirlwind of nostalgia and emotion (mostly jealousy). 

£2.50 for an apple. 


You're reading that correctly. 

The TinTin store was next (Covent Gardens). I actually had forgotten how much love I had for the guy.

Asterix and Obelix will be next. 

We made it back by around 6 - just in time for a much needed afternoon nap.

I seem to be planning my entire life around naps recently. 

This was the only vaguely acceptable photo from my work dinner - I'm mid laugh at my very tipsy boss and ready for bed.