| 2016 | 12 | 14 | smarties |

I think I was a challenging child...
I once sulked because I couldn't get rid of my shadow. 

I wanted a new birthday.

My favourite game - turning on all the lights in the house. It would turn into a competition of who got tired first. 

I bought one of those light activated speakers and hid it in the fridge every morning for my dad. He never learnt and at 7.07 we'd all be woken up by 'THAT BLOODY THING'. 

I was that child who couldn't be unsupervised. Ever. 

I broke 6 microwaves. 

I chewed on our furniture because I saw a dog do it.


connor is the best cook (*adds smarties to improve it)

Myself and Connor watched the first Harry Potter film last night with an accompaniment of sausage and mash and smarties. I wish I could be honest with you when saying the smarties were eaten after. 

I'm quite ready to quit my job to raise special needs baby goats. Hint hint.