| 2016 | 12 | 11 | weekly wind down |

I might start posting the 'meal after the workout before' to show you how hungry I am.

This morning was kicked off again by 3x5k pieces, and thankfully my foot was a lot less painful today. Though not ideal. Steering left (pushing wiht my right foot) was a somewhat limited process and at times I just opted not to unless I really needed to. 

This may have meant I sent little Kate into the Thames (I almost followed her in there). But she loved it.

I have one more pair in the post. I have a problem. 


This is a tribute
[to my backpack]

This bag has well and truly worked hard in it's life. It's covered thousands and (and I mean) thousands of miles. It's carried too much, and sometimes worn when completely deviod of any filling. It's faded from a dark blue to a weird grey and the zip has well and truly started dying. 

Such a good £30 spend. But it's time is done. 

*unceremoniously dumps it in the bin. Bye


Be your inner princess. 

if this means nothing to you, then you're dead to me.  harsh but true.