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people always ask why my spirit animal is a bumble bee.

I bumble.

And the thing about stings is true too.


I digress. Saturday kicked off with a paddle (no way, I hear you cry, she's kayaking, again!) before I went out for an adventure.

I hate eating porridge. my current technique - just keep putting more in your face until you either choke on it or it falls onto your person. sometimes I just end up covered in food.

I also managed to kick the day off by falling down the stairs, spraining my foot and all in all it wasn't ideal.

I love penguins so much. I don't really understand them as animals, but they'll do. They don't really have a point to them to be honest. 

Cotswold thing. 

This one was so photoready he even had a favourite pose.

Otters are next on the list of animals that don't really have a point to them but still. 

In a line. Looking fine. There were more than you think there would be. 

bashful goat

he wasn't in the place. but he's adorable.

you're drinking wrong sir.  I think it was broken.