| 2016 | 12 | 08 | thursdai |

I'm actually still feeling the effects of the 3x5ks on sunday. Everything is just tired and sore. 

Oh hi there Canada. How are you guys doing?

when waiting for your waiter do you not become the waiter and therefore not need to wait for your waiter?

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I managed to bench 60kg yesterday. Granted I had some assistance, but I still shifted it.

Oh god. 

Building on my enthusiastic entrance into the office, we're now listening to the Beckhams contribution to Christmas.

Today was an incredible day.

It just kept on peaking between 9 and 5 before a really solid training session.

More snacks. When will this end.

I then went for a lovely meal in Zizzis with three lovely ladies.

No pictures because I don't do that in restaurants anymore #servedmytime