| 2016 | 11 | 06 | week 45 |

I got to paddle on Wednesday. It was such a lovely morning and I'm so glad I got to spend some of it outside.

The weather is definitely turning colder. 

Friday was fitness testing in the gym

It was tough - but I surpassed my expectations thankfully and got some scores I'm moderately okay with.

2 min reps press : 30
2 min reps pull : 31
max press : 55
max pull : 52.5
chins : 4

Given I started 4 weeks ago barely able to do a chin with a resistance band, I'm happy with my score of 4.

It's okay we can laugh about it. 

Pull is one I struggle with the most - it's an unfamiliar motion so I'm getting there.

'middle class' in a sentence
Connor and myself may have purchased some mince pies and clotted cream.

I'm sorry. 

I've finally ordered my new bedroom furniture so the below sight is one of the past. Look at the size of him. He's not easy to share a single bed with at all. 

Sometimes I like to dress as an old lady. Rocking my green chinos. 

This time of year is always a little tough. Christmas was my nans thing. She just was christmas. I miss her little routines and cheer. 

the cats love it when I get home from Claytons at around 3am. I always feed them. Because I'm a bad person.