| 2016 | 10 | 23 | week 43 |

On Thursday, an ex-colleague and definite friend leaves for south america. She's only got a ticket one way and no one is sure when (or if) she'll be back.

And that is just so exciting. 

I remember when she first started, sitting across the table from me. We struck up a tumultuous relationship, butting heads at the best of times with bickering that was borderline personal. I've snapped three pens because of her straight talking, but I'm sure we've both painfully bitten our tongues to aggressively halt many an unprofessional retort. Some of them have been stingers I can tell you.

There was a level of understanding though, that the job wasn't something either of us could take seriously. Deadlines were to bet met, but really only just and never at the expense of personal happiness. It was also apparent that for her it wasn't permanent, and I'm not entirely sure it is for me either. 

When she spoke of turning 30 she wanted it to be significant, and I think the dream of standing on top of Machu Picchu to mark the occasion became a necessity. She touched on how it would fit into allocated holiday, whether she could afford it and how much she'd miss her friends. Eventually a week long trip grew into at least 6 months, with the tickets being booked in secret so our boss wouldn't know she was planning on leaving. 

I feel privileged to have seen the dream grow into a reality. Watching her every day researching travel destinations, costs, what she'd need to take, what she wouldn't need.... it was hard to not get excited myself and I reckon I'd like to do something equally wild. Maybe a bit closer to home. However. 


This week marks the second of our winter training programme. My muscles hurt, but I feel stronger than I have in a long time. I'm also eating more food than I though was possible. It's magical .

I still love being out. Especially on the river. I reckon my blood is 12% Thames Water given my propensity to be slightly covered in it - or just in it's near vicinity. Yummy. 

Still paddling. A bit less swimming nowadays though. 

I've come to terms with the fact that my recurring foot issues has essentially stumped my running. I've lost the long distance fitness I had spent so long building up - purely from sitting still for so long and it's not something that will just reappear. 

I'm not going to do another ultra. I know I said that before, but this is really it. Half marathon potentially, but anything any longer is just not good for me. 

Autumn is definitely here. It's getting colder and there's a vicious edge to any breeze that catching you unawares. I've started wearing an excessive number of layers training (on the off chance I fall in) and my winter wardrobe is making an appearance.